Friday, April 15, 2011

Momstyle: blending feminine and masculine pieces

It's springtime! Well, almost. It's still cool enough to need a sweater but warm enough to want to bring out those spring dresses! The perfect time to combine my most feminine dresses with my more masculine sweater and shoes. I like the versatility of this look.

(Dress-consignment; Shoes- Target; Sweater-H&M)


  1. Super cute! Got to love Target! I feel like I'm discovering it all over again- especially for post-baby apparel that I don't want to spend to much on (HOPING that I won't be in this size for too long) : ) You pull off the shoes fabulously.

  2. stop it with the sweater!!! I want that!

  3. Abby, I can hear you saying that! Ha!
    Carly, I got those shoes at a Target in Waco, Texas! There were a ton of them--not sure this style trend had caught on there yet :)