Thursday, May 26, 2011

On a Personal Note: Baby Babble

Graham is attempting to talk up a storm! Can't make out any of it (not even Da Da or Ma Ma) but it is delightful. Here is a sampling:

It has made me think about the way that I feel sometimes when I pray- like I am just babbling nonsense. But how awesome is it that God delights in our babble and even translates it into what the deepest part of our heart is saying! I love how parenthood points me to Him.


  1. Oh, I just love this stage and he is such a cutie! Great job on the blog, I love to read it and all your tips :) Oh, and we tried your pasta with basil, motz and tomatoes and we all loved it-yummo!

  2. Apparently Emma understands his language. I showed it to her and she laughed, waved, and talked back to him. So cute!

  3. GRAHAMMMM! He is so darling. And so funny already! Gosh such a cutie-pie.

  4. awesome. and those hand movements....hilarious! :)