Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On a Personal Note: Back to CA

We had an amazing week in CA. Our first trip back since we moved 4 months ago.

Here are some highlights.

Braves vs. Padres Game. Go Braves!!
braves 1

braves 3
braves 2
Our brother-in-law, Brian, had a gracious hook up for us. 18th row tickets. Wowzers!

Uncle Brian and Uncle Dudley cuddling G

We went to CA for our friends Kyle and Lindsey's wedding. It was great to celebrate with them.
Rehearsal Brunch
Reuniting with "Uncle Kyle"
Quality Time with the bride and groom.
bride and groom

Graham's wedding debut
It was touch-and-go for a few seconds but then he began to wave.
I had some tears. I don't want to see what I am like on his actual wedding day.

Ready to get our dance groove on.

It was a really incredible time with friends and so good to catch up in person. I felt loved by God in the way that He allowed all of the many details to fall into place. He is so gracious.
So, aside from driving around at midnight looking for a place to purchase a pack n play, breaking a shower head at 2am, and going to Urgent Care for a dog bite on Graham's hand (there are some great stories behind each of these tidbits), everything went great.
After all the fun, we are glad to be home. I'm struck by how much I already feel at home with humidity and a slower pace of life.

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