Monday, September 12, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Fall Inspiration

I thought I would let you in on how I get inspired to use what I already own for the upcoming season!

#1) I normally find an editorial that fits my style and the things already hanging in my closet as well as a couple of "wish list" items

*Note: I have maybe bought 3 magazines in my entire life. This is from an extra copy of Real Simple that a friend gave me.


#2) I get to work cutting out outfit or color ideas

#3) Then I tape them in my STYLIT planner on the seasonal inspiration page.

#4) I refer to it throughout the season for inspiration and ideas!

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  1. I just learned something new about you! ;) didn't know you clipped pix and made a journal! Also, so glad you're not taking tips from Graham's book! haha