Monday, September 19, 2011

On a Personal Note: College Nostalgia

Our weekend was full of college nostalgia!

My RA partner/dear friend from college, Annalisa and her husband Dave were with us for the past 5 days.
There is nothing quite like being with people that have known you since you were young and who walked with you through that transitional time of college when life is so exciting, overwhelming and unknown. People who watched you figure out who you are without your parents around. People with whom you used to dream about who your spouse would be. People who you cry with freely and laugh til you are snorting. People who treat your kid as if he were their own. People who share your love for God and want to know him intimately.
It was encouraging, comforting and really fun!


All 5 of us


We also were able to attend our first UNC football game with new friends here!! It was so "fall-ish".
Yes, they brought their 2 kids who were complete troopers. I'm inspired :)

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  1. Totally agree! College friends are wonderful because of the depth and breadth of experiences shared!