Thursday, October 27, 2011

On a Personal Note: Value

I am stuck on a verse in 1 Peter. I am currently studying this book of the Bible but seriously every time I read the book, I pause when I get to the end of verse 6 in chapter 3. It is specifically addressing women and says- " not fear anything that is frightening."

At first I felt slightly peeved at this statement and now I am beginning to see the grace in this statement.
God is showing his compassion by acknowledging that things can be frightening in nature (the thought of losing a child, or becoming terminally ill or having your husband leave you, or losing all of your material possessions...and the list goes on)
but, he still tells us to not fear.

I love what I heard one of our pastors say this week at church that ended up bringing me more clarity in this passage.

We fear because we really don't believe that God values us. If we could believe the truth that him sending his son communicates his deep value and care for us, we would be able to trust him and be free from fear.
This is why I need the Gospel daily. Well, one of many reasons.
And why you do too.
God valued you enough to send his son to die for every wrong you have ever done and will do.

Therefore, you have great value.

Therefore, God will never leave you nor forsake you.

Therefore, there is nothing to fear.

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  1. Oh that was so good, Lauren and so true! I struggle, I don't want to have fear that I would lose a child, get cancer or anything scary like that...but I do. I constantly have to give it back to God. I have to trust in Him and His plan. He has us all in His hands.