Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Styling Secret

Today I am a guest blogger on my friend Kate's wonderful blog the small things...

Here's what I wrote about...

Thanks to several inquiries, I wrote this post to help you develop your own personal style statement!

A style statement is a 2-3 word phrase that encapsulates what your style is or what you would hope it to be. This statement helps you to shop according to your taste and allows you to narrow down options. It can also aid in you finding style icons to be inspired by (who share similar tastes) which can allow you to piece together items that you already own to create new looks!
*My sister-in-law, fashion blogger, helped me develop mine!

For example, I tend to love feminine, floral, comfortable, textured, simple outfits.

My style statement is Pretty Chic.
My style icon is Clemence Posey, a french actress who shares similar loves. I often get outfit ideas from her.

This style statement allows me to ask myself two questions when I go shopping:
a) Does this item fit in my Pretty Chic wardrobe?
b) Do I already own something too similar to this item?

So, now you try....choose some words that describe the clothing you are drawn to (on yourself or others) and develop a style statement! If you need help, contact me!

Thrifting tips coming soon!


  1. I need help!! :) Have any good words for me Lo?! Love ya!

  2. I linked over to your blog from The Small Things Blog. I've enjoyed scrolling through your past entries. I also really enjoyed seeing that you thrift. It's great to see you putting together chic, cute, fun outfits from thrifted pieces. I'm a mom/wife/student on a budget and I also thrift. Anyway, glad I found your blog.

  3. awesome guiding principle - pretty chic... i think i'm frugal chic ! :)