Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Health Tip: flu shots

Thought I would share some interesting info on flu shots and flu prevention as we enter the lovely season of the bug...

A few things to consider about flu shots:

- They are created each year by guessing which virus bugs will be floating around (in other words, they sometimes don't even target the correct illnesses that become prevalent)

- They may suppress your immune system. This is part of how all vaccines work but puts you more at risk for chronic illness or even more serious types of infection.

- Flu shots contain mercury which is a neurotoxin (in other words it is bad for you)

- There are other ways to prevent getting the flu (or at least minimize your chances)

Prevention tips:

-Vitamin D: The main reason that the flu is more common in the winter months is that we get less sunshine so our vitamin D levels are down. So, try to get 10-20 minutes of good sun a day or supplement your diet with a vitamin D vitamin (normally in drop form)

*note: you can get too much vitamin D so you should consult a doctor for dosage

- Take Omega-3 oil

- Avoid sugar and processed food (good luck this time of year!)

- Get enough sleep

- Eat garlic as a natural antibiotic

- Exercise- it gets your blood flowing which helps you fight illness

- Wash your hands with NON-antibacterial soap. Antibacterials actually make you less able to fight off disease.

*Disclaimer: I am obviously not a doctor so these are just suggestions!!

* Most info adapted from Dr. Mercola's website


  1. I got the flu shot last year, then got the flu. It's definitely not 100%.

  2. You are definitely not the first person I have heard say that! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great tips, Lauren! And I checked out Dr. Mercola's website. It seems like an awesome site, and I also got completely engrossed in watching the vaccine documentary that they're featuring. Thanks for the link!

  4. found your blog by way of the from my grey desk - I am all about fashion especially cheap and fast since being a mom doesn't lend itself to 500 dollars being dropped at Nordstroms anymore...but ANYWAY I love this post!!!! It's so rare to see bloggers be candid about vaccines - ESPECIALLY non-hippie blogs. Which you might be, but you don't come off right away as one...and if you are that's awesome.

    But it's rare to find just well dressed, cute, interesting bloggers who have real thoughts on major issues. Thank you for posting this and I could NOT agree more! (I am following now!)

  5. I really love your blog! However, being from a strong science background (immunology and molecular biology), I have to disagree with some points you made. I know you received your information from Dr. Mercola's website, but that information is somewhat misleading. All I'd say is do more research for everybody out there. Don't just believe what one doctor might be saying.

  6. I love a post that brings feedback! Thanks for your thoughts!
    Anonymous, I love your honesty as well and would love to hear more from you. And just to clarify, not all of the info is from Dr. Mercola's website. I grew up with a dad as a chiropractor and a mom who is an R.N. so I definitely heard an interesting mix of info and have done a lot of research as well (trying to hear from all the angles). Also, I think any vaccine post should probably have included a reference to how some vaccines have been revolutionary such as the smallpox vaccine. Thanks again for your willingness to share!