Thursday, December 22, 2011

Music Segment: Over the Rhine

As you can probably tell, I love to highlight romantic music with deeper messages. I guess that is kind of who I am. A romantic who knows that our longing for earthly romantic connection is just one of our many desires that points us to the fact that we were created to be loved by our Creator, perfectly.

Over the Rhine has been my husband's and my "love soundtrack" throughout dating, engagement and marriage. I love that fact that this married duo has been through very rough patches in their relationship and have come through to write to tell about them.

They don't explain this in the video, but much of this song suitcase comes from their desire to leave at times and the decision to stay.

If you'd like to just hear the song, fast forward to 1:30. lyrics below.

words and music: Bergquist/Detweiler
recording: OHIO

Whatcha doin' with a suitcase
Tryin' to hit the ground with both feet runnin'
Aren't you trippin' on your shoelace

You're stealin' away on a sunny day
Well aren't you ashamed at all
Funny but I feel like I'm fallin'
I wanna beg you to stay
You're stealin' away on a sunny day

Why'd you love me in the first place
You were always closer than a brother
I can barely look at your face

I've said my I've said my
I've said my piece
I'm on my
I'm on my
Down on my knees

Whatcha doin' with a suitcase
Whatcha doin' with a suitcase

*They have a great Christmas album called Snow Angels for this time of year!


  1. so true love over the rhine! so good

  2. I think i'm probably going to be spending a lot of money on more music from Over the Rhine!