Friday, March 9, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Margin


Our counseling pastor and friend, Brad Hambrick, recently reminded me that if we live without margin in our lives, it is going to be very hard to respond to situations well.
After these past two months, I couldn't agree more.
The process of buying a house (on top of normal life) has removed margin from our lives in the areas of time, finances, emotion and the list goes on.
Being stretched is not an excuse to react any way I choose but it does help me understand why my temper seems shorter than normal and why I'm discouraged so easily these days.

Margin is defined as: An amount of something included so as to be sure of success or safety

Obviously there are times in life that God asks us to live outside of our comfort zone but I think we choose to deplete the margin in our life more often outside of God's will. We don't like that we are human and limited and we think that if we don't do everything or be everything, we will lose our standing with people or maybe even God.

I mentioned yesterday that I want to prepare myself for Easter and maybe a good way to do that would be to let go of some things that I do that I think give me value. Jesus said I had value through his death and resurrection before I ever did a single thing for Him.

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