Friday, August 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes: "Staycation"

I'm going to give you 5 reasons to make your next vacation a "staycation" where you stay at home but live like you are on vacation.
This past week has been exactly what the doctor ordered for the Turner clan.

Reason #1: You save money on travel (that you can spend on eating out)
Reason #2: Sleeping in your own bed (we slept in every day)
Reason #3:You get the chance to explore your own city (we found new coffee shops, hiking trails, museums, restaurants, etc.)
Reason #4: Extended time at home gives you time to finish little projects that never seem to get done (I'm talking fun projects, not cleaning)
Reason #5: You can savor the people you love without having to rush off to sight-see
(I literally stared at Graham and Dave all week.  They are so cute :)
I bet you can think of some more reasons to try a "staycation" too...

DSC_0089 DSC_0083 DSC_0079


  1. we would love to staycation with you guys... but then, for 1 of wouldn't be a "staycation". anyway, love the pics. glad you 3 are all back together! :)

    1. Well we are ready for some midwest time in the near future so we should make that happen :) And of course you are always welcome here! Hope you are getting settled.

  2. I'm so curious...what new places did you discover? We did a staycation when we were living in Raleigh but haven't done one in Durham!

  3. they ARE some cute people:) also would like to know any recs you have from the week on the activities. And, how did you convince G to sleep in?!

    1. We discovered Sola coffee in Raleigh (thank you Wendy Simmons), re-discovered Marbles museum, Eno park for hiking, cafe luna in downtown raleigh for lunch, bahama breeze for dinner, cafe driade in chapel hill for coffee, and a walking path in brier creek country club. Oh and a great clothing store called uptown cheapskate near NC state. Quality second-had items!

  4. I have to agree. My husband and I have 6 kids and did a stay cation two years ago. We had so much fun and didn't feel as frazzled as we do when we're away from home.