Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Transform Conference: coming Nov. 9-10th

I am so looking forward to this event featuring one of my favorite authors/speakers Elyse Fitzpatrick coming to the Summit Church in less than 3 weeks. 
If you are local and can attend go to summitrdu.com/events for more info on how to register.

Here's a blog post by my friend/pastor's wife telling you more on why you should come!

I remember the first time I heard the name “Elyse Fitzpatrick.” JD and I were on
a trip celebrating (that we made it through), our first 10 years of marriage. He had his
requisite 14 different books he was going to read, a beautiful obnoxious tradition
that was begun on our honeymoon. After a couple of days he told me he really liked
this book he was reading called “Comforts from the Cross,” but he was surprised,
because it was written by a girl. Over the next few days he continued to rave about
this book, which turned out to be a devotional. Now listen, y’all, at this point this
book had a minimum of 2 strikes against it for both of us. Right or wrong, in our
experience, VERY few, if any, books escape being a “devotional” written by a woman
unscathed. Too much fluff, one too many “beloveds,” and no good sarcasm, and we
are out. But JD kept telling me I needed to read it, so finally, I gave it a glance (not
even in my time with God, mind you; I mean, this was taking time away from my
People mag.) I read straight through from Day 1 to something like Day 9. It was
SO good. And ever since then, we have both been fan club members for all of Elyse
Fitzpatrick’s books (hereafter, she will be referred to as EF, bc typing out her 15-
syllable last name is killing me.)

If you are not familiar w EF, you NEED to be here the weekend of November 9-10
because she is coming to speak. Seriously. EF majors on grace in real and practical
ways. If you sometimes feel like, “Okay okay, I get that the gospel is the key to all
that is wrong in my life, but what do I do with [my screaming child, my screaming
conscience, my screaming voice of anxiety, or any other thing that is literally or
figuratively screaming at you-fill in the blank],” then she has some words of God for
you. She certainly has had them for J.D. and me.

If you haven’t read her stuff, let me give you the first three to start with: Comforts
From the Cross; Because He Loves Me; and Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety-
that third one in particular for women. Get thee to Amazon or Barnes and Noble or
itunes for your Kindle or ipad and order at least one of them pronto. And finally,
COME AND SEE HER IN PERSON NOVEMBER 9-10, here at our very own church. You
will not be sad you did.

Veronica Greear

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