Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Momstyle: on repeat


(Jacket- F21, Jeans and shirt-Gap Maternity (lent from a friend), flats- Target, Purse- Macy's)
Maternity clothes are almost in full swing around here (no more cheating with rubber bands holding zippers closed-tmi).  My staples are my MK bag, skinny jeans, flats and trying to wear those last few non-maternity pieces I can still get into, like my denim jacket!  Having a go-to uniform gets me out of yoga pants and pj's.

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  1. Looking GORGEOUS, mama! How do you get your hair to hold that curl? I just love that look and can never get it to do that!? Please share! :)
    You are wearing the mama-glow beautifully! Congrats again and hope you are feeling fabulous too.