Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Behind the Scenes: DIY chalkboard

So, I made a chalkboard a couple of months ago...
Well, actually, to be more accurate...
My friend was making a chalkboard.
She offered to pick up supplies at Lowe's for me too.
She bought the wood to build the frame.  She bought the wood for the chalkboard.  She bought the chalkboard paint.
It gets worse.
Her dad built me my frame.  She painted the chalkboard paint on my board.  And the second coat.

So, basically, I bought red paint and painted the frame.
Then brought it to her and she glued it together.
Then Dave hung it.
So, I did a DIY project with loads of help.  That's how I roll and I'm fine with that.  
And grateful for friends who laugh at me and then help me.
This is a great, cheap project from somewhere on pinterest that I am loving having on my wall.

I'm using it primarily to have verses on it that I help Graham memorize or truth on it that I need to be reminded of.  
Last week it was simply part of Psalm 16...You are my Lord, I have no good apart from you.

This week it's...
I'll tell you tomorrow how this has rocked my world this week.

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  1. How cute! It looks great. I've been thinking about making something similar but was worried about the mess.