Monday, June 10, 2013

Momstyle: post-baby wardrobe part 1

(Dress: $10 from Ross; Denim shirt: JCrew (already owned); Wedges: $25 from Target)
It's never the most fun to dress yourself post-baby.  I refuse to wear my maternity clothes that I've been stuck in for months but I don't want to buy an entire wardrobe for these next few months so I took $75 and bought a few summer "uniforms" that will be able to still be worn when the baby weight is gone.
Maxi dresses are ideal right now because they are comfortable for my days around the house but can be dressed up for a day or evening out.  Pairing this maxi with a shirt that ties in a place to give me a waist again makes it the perfect transitional piece.


  1. Dang friend, you look good!!!!! Especially since you gave birth to a 3 month old. So proud of you!
    See you soon...I hope!

  2. Excellent advice. I can live and could SLEEP in my maxi dresses and skirts!! Love!