Friday, May 20, 2011

Momstyle: Post-baby trick

I really wanted to be able to wear some of my favorite clothes right after Graham was born but in some cases I had to get creative as to how to do that without feeling "frumpy." This dress was a perfect example. Purchased right before I found out our little surprise was on the way, I hardly got to wear it. So, post-pregnancy I was ready to whip it out! I added a blazer and heels to hide some problem areas :) and was on my way!

momstyle 2
momstyle 1

(Dress- Forever 21; Blazer- thrifted; Shoes- Jessica Simpson via; sunglasses- Urban Outfitters)
momstyle 3


  1. um, yes....Lauren...I'm feeling that now. Wish you were still next door to help me!

  2. You look fantastic! Love that printed dress :) Just followed your very chic blog..have a nice weekend!

  3. wow, i love it to discover new blogs!
    YOurs is really :)

  4. Love it! chic! Stopping in from Voiceboks:)

  5. Hey Ms. Lauren,

    Gave you a stylish blogger award - come claim it when you can...


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  7. Nice job "hiding some problem areas" - I don't see them! Although, it doesn't look like you have any to begin with. You look fabulous. :-)