Saturday, January 21, 2012

On a Personal Note: Buying a House!!

Sorry, no post today! We are busy buying our first house!
What do you think?

(photo from


Can't wait to share real pictures in the future when it's officially ours :)


  1. This house has an exquisite design, why don’t you buy it? You can negotiate with the owner to give you a lower price. You can also apply for a mortgage on this house. This house is good for growing families. Having a lawn like this can allow children to roam around and have a jovial playtime activity.

    Randy Robinson

  2. Judging by the house’s design and the vast property, this probably came with a hefty price tag. So were you able to secure this home? If it’s now officially in your name, I hope you’ll photos of its interior parts. I bet this home’s just as gorgeous on the inside, as it is on the outside.