Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On a Personal Note: A year later





We took Graham back to the our old favorite spot in Corona del Mar, exactly a year since the last time we were there just the three of us. As we made the decision to move to Raleigh last December, one of the things we had talked about is what we wanted to model for Graham in our decision. Our kids will hear what we say over the years but they will also watch what we do.

We knew that someday we'll be telling Graham why we did what we did and I remember us thinking that we wanted him to know by our actions that we always follow Jesus wherever he leads us. It's not that it would have been wrong to stay in California where we were comfortable and known, but I'm glad that we will be able to tell Graham that we took a risk when we felt like God invited us into something new. And, a year later, I am celebrating what God has done in us.

We reflected on how our dependence on God has grown and our grip for control of our lives has loosened. Our lives have been enriched by new relationships. God has refined us through change and hardship. And, we are having the opportunity to invest in a different group of college students who we deeply love.


  1. SO glad you followed God and became a part of my life. Cole is glad, too. And all the rest of us. David is thankful for Dave's leadership and influence on students. Caroline loves her special coffee dates and James and Ellie are as always, along for the ride!

  2. Jen, this comment delighted me on so many levels! Can't wait to connect again soon. Love you!