Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Today

Today was one of those days where you think thoughts like...

My kid has "cracked his crock" and I have no idea what to do about it.


(Exhibit A)


(Exhibit B)


(Exhibit C) "No, you may not wear mom's shoes to the store."

If there was a mom license, mine would have been revoked today. Forever.


(Attempting a walk in 40 degree weather. And that wasn't nearly the worst of it.)

Being called by the dental office to see why you are so late is more humiliating than one would think.

(Wish I had this recording.)

I should have showered today or at least worn a hat.

(No exhibit. All evidence destroyed.)

How was dinner not ready until 7:30pm?

(Pictures to come in It's What's for Dinner segment :)
In my defense, it was worth the wait!

Why did I lose my temper? It only felt good for 2 min. and then bad for 2 hours :(

I'm blogging at 11:00pm. I should probably journal and go to bed instead.

Thank you, Jesus, that your mercies are new every morning
(and really, even more often than that).

Three recent recommendations from friends that have been good reminders also:
Jenefer Igarashi
Loving the Little Years
by Rachel Jankovic
1,000 gifts
by Ann Voskamp


  1. felt every emotion.... this was me 2 days ago. Well said! I love that he is wearing your hat in his stroller... ha!
    - Abby

  2. my dear friend. what a day! i am exhausted just reading this.

    somehow, you always manage to express all the complexities and realities of life (and motherhood) with such grace and a splash of humor. you are doing a great job. thank you for sharing your experiences.

    praise God for His fresh manna - always just what we need to sustain us for the day. and it is so refreshing and comforting to know that even on days when we fall into bed, feeling utterly spent, His mercies are new for a new day.

    you remain in my prayers :)


  3. crazy that I stumbled onto your blog Lauren! Reading something on gospel coalition- written by your pastor and some other dude at summit church. Checked out the website- saw your hubby! and found your site! crazy :) hope God is doing great things in both of your lives on the other side of the country! great adventure as well