Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On a Personal Note: all my fountains

It was kind of a rough weekend with Dave injuring his knee playing sports and giving us a good scare since he's already had major surgery on that knee (of course, I was much more concerned than he was). And then our car died. Still no prognosis on that but it's not looking good.

I realize that there are much worse things that can happen in a weekend but both of these bummers made me think about Psalm 87:7 where it says : As they make music they will sing, "All my fountains are in you." You know, we don't really worry about where we will get water from for the next day or meal but when this was written, having a water source was the most pressing thought day to day just to sustain life.

I was thinking about that phrase all my fountains are in You and began to think about where I "draw water" or draw life from besides God's love, help, comfort.

I mean if I really bought into the fact that God is the supplier of my needs, I really wouldn't look elsewhere.

I wouldn't need people to think I'm great.

(By the way, here's an awesome article on that topic alone called The Church of people who like to be liked)

I wouldn't be so concerned about finances.

I would be quicker to pray and slower to worry.

Currently loving this song about Psalm 87.

This dry and desert land
I tell myself, “Keep walking on”
Hear something up ahead
Water falling like a song
An everlasting stream
Your river carries me home
Let it flow, let if flow

A flood for my soul
A well that never will run dry
I've rambled on my own
Never believing I would find
An everlasting stream
Your river carries me home
Let it flow, let it flow

Open the heavens
Come Living Water
All my fountains are in You
You're strong like a river
Your love is running through
All my fountains are in You

Come on, and rain down on us
Rain down on us, Lord

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for being so real and transparent. I'm a mom of six kiddos, and things can get a little crazy around here. But it's all good. Also, I am currently reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voscamp, and am Loving it. Take care! Krista from MO.